Friday, June 26, 2015

Bicycle Tote Bags

New canvas tote bags with our signature bicycle wheel graphic in a vintage red color for sale now.
Perfect for Summer beach trips, shopping trips, and traveling.
Tote bags are Made in USA and silk screened locally.
Get one on our web-store or at these local retailers:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Eco-Friendly Notebooks & Bookmarks

Hello !

We are working on some more eco-friendly notebooks for our bakery/coffee shop neighbor DoLy's Delectables in DTLB. They're made from repurposing old books. We have decided to make bookmarks from the book spines this time the get the most use from the old books.

DoLy's Delectables has carried them for a few years and we are excited to finish this next crop in the coming weeks.

The color theme is black & yellow, our signature colors, with pops of tan & gold.
VERY COFFEE-esque and COMMUTER-esque.

Our signature bicycle wheel graphic will be screened on both the front and back covers, in our favorite color YELLOW, each with a different part of the overall graphic, making each notebook unique and one-of-a-kind. Perfect to throw in your backpack, tote bag, or commuter bag.

We hope you like the end result. Stay tuned !