Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The Crosby guys' newest hot spot opening soon in Downtown Santa Ana, "The Grilled Cheese Spot". Mike de la Vega referred me to his friend Thomas Van Do, who then referred me to Phil Nisco, who then asked me to make the logo flag for his new eatery, and everyone was pleased with the end result.
The flag was hung the other day and it needed a little steaming today so I paid a visit with my hand held steamer. Thanks Phil, Chris, and Philly for spotting me on the ladder.  Can't wait to taste my favorite comfort food when you open !!

Mike de la Vega hired me to recreate chair cushions for this beautiful chair and was stoked when he saw the end result.  Not bad for my first chair cushions. Thanks MDLV !  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pop-Up Store Memories (1st Round)

Vintage Olmo, compliments of my awesome man James (via The Bicycle Stand). Perfect prop.
Vintage HM chair compliments of my sister Natalie, holding some merch. 
Up-cycled vintage neck ties.
Roxy & Chloe Belshe rockin' some gear.