Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dolls in Greensleeves

elleBsee's "greensleeves" are made of repurposed sweaters, mostly vintage, purchased locally and made by yours truly. They're a great  accent piece and will turn a boring outfit into an eco-friendly hip get up. Wear them all year round, regardless of the weather. No two pieces are alike, so you can honestly say that no one else has the same one as you do.

The lifestyle shoot took place on 31 March, 2012. We started on my rooftop lounge near the pool, then the crew wrapped up in elleBsee throw blankets and walked around town in the East Arts Village, hit Berlin & Fingerprints, JJ Rowe, Shortin' Bread, The Green House, then it started to rain, so we cut it short. Thanks to my fabulous friends who modeled for me, hair & make-up team, and of course my photographer Gordon, we had a successful shoot. Can't wait for the next one !

I must say that the highlight of this shoot was when two of the girls used a parked fire engine as a prop, impromptu, sans the firefighters. They must have been eating at Beechwood BBQ. Priceless moment !